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1. Being at or placed in the center.
2. Having a specified center. Often used in combination: a soft-centered candy; a yellow-centered daisy.
3. Self-confident, stable, and well-balanced: "He's a centered guy. He's always seemed to know what he wanted, and gone after it in a concrete way" (Vanity Fair).

cen′tered·ness n.


(Self-help) the US spelling of centred


(ˈsɛn tərd)

1. having a central axis: a centered arc.
2. equidistant from all adjacent areas; situated in the center.
3. inwardly calm and steady.
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Adj.1.centered - being or placed in the center
central - in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area; "a central position"


adj centrado; (emotionally) centrado, relajado y con la mente despejada; patient-centered centrado en el paciente
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Instead, she shows us how to reconnect with our foundational essence of soul and self, where peace and centeredness are always and everywhere available.
One of the hallmarks of UW- La Crosse is the student centeredness of faculty, staff, and administrators.
The hospitals are evaluated in five major areas: patient centeredness, comprehensiveness, coordinated care, access to care, and a systems-based approach to quality and safety.
Effciency 10% Mortality 25% Effectiveness 25% Safety 25% Equity 5% Patient Centeredness 10% Note: Table made from pie chart.
2) The IOM further classifies quality into 6 domains: safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and patient centeredness (3,4) (Figure 1).
All the centeredness, energy, stamina, and skill it took to pull that off was typical of a Ballet Nacional de Cuba principal.
Mary Catherine Beach (2009) identified disparities in patient centeredness at the level of the clinical encounter as well as at the health system level, and Schillinger et al.
Other topics include patient centeredness, health information technology, payment reform, and leadership.
Guided by the Institute of Medicine's 6 domains of care-safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and patient centeredness -- UHC examined data provided by members through its comparative Clinical, Operational, and Core Measures Data Bases.
Those who dismiss his centeredness as self-centeredness or his composure as indifference are as wrong as those who mistook Eisenhower's stolidity for denseness or Lincoln's humor for lack of seriousness.
She has chosen a company of individual talents with vivid personalities: the torrid and proud Lucilene de Geus; Inmaculada Ortega, long and flexible from her back to highly articulated fingers and wrists; the veteran of the group, Antonio Granjero, forceful though a bit stocky for elegance; Pedro Blazquez, with an appealing understated dignity and a centeredness that perhaps owes something to his ballet training; and Martin Gaxiola, possessed of a special developing elegance.
Perhaps the most powerful New Testament evocation of holiness as centeredness is the account of Jesus' calming of the storm at sea.