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1. A magazine center spread, especially a foldout of an oversize photograph or feature.
a. The subject of a photograph used as a centerfold, often a nude model.
b. A feature, such as an advertisement or calendar, inserted as a centerfold.


(ˈsɛn tərˌfoʊld)

1. the center foldout of a magazine or newspaper.
2. a photograph of a nude or seminude person on a magazine centerfold.
3. the person in such a photograph.
[1950–55, Amer.]
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Noun1.centerfold - a magazine center spread; especially a foldout of a large photograph or map or other feature
facing pages, spread head, spreadhead, spread - two facing pages of a book or other publication
foldout, gatefold - an oversize page that is folded in to a book or magazine
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In Addition to Being Chosen as the Centerfold for Playboy's 50th Anniversary Issue, DJ Colleen Shannon is a Multi-Talented and Well-Known DJ
Hugh Hefner's magazine is reportedly planning to offer the step sister of Kim Kardashian a very lucrative and irresistible offer for the centerfold spread, it has been revealed.
London, August 24 (ANI): Playboy Magazine has apparently offered Cheryl Cole 500,000 pounds to bare all for a centerfold shoot.
A centerfold of color photos adds inspiration but it's really the unique dishes and stories which stand out in a cookbook that is enthusiastically recommended for any dedicated Italian cuisine collection.
Unfortunately, he didn't strip off during his set - didn't anyone tell him it was a naked centerfold party?
BUBBLE TROUBLE: Patrick McGuinness poses in the bath as a Cosmopolitan male centerfold PA' GRIN AND BARE IT: DJs Colin and Edith, far left and EastEnder Joe Swash
Can't imagine many of the male fans spent much time perusing the centerfold pictures of the Sky Blues in this week's programme.
From previously unpublished lyrics from Costello's earliest songs to controversial album releases, COMPLICATED SHADOWS presents a full view of the man and his magic, spiced with a centerfold of black and white photos.
95) holds a centerfold of color photos from the movie as it appears in a sparkling new edition to reflect the motion picture's release.
What operates as the centerfold of the writer's revolutionary first book, Tulsa (1971), pits, verso, a text--"death is more perfect than life"--against, recto, Clark's first "star," Billy Mann, shirtless on tousled sheets, gun raised and wristwatch ticking, captioned "dead 1970"--"dead" as in deceased and absolutely.
In 1967 I published as a centerfold in The Realist and distributed as a poster The Disneyland Memorial Orgy by Mad artist Wally Wood.
The two also are owners of a standardbred filly named Centerfold Hall who won her first five starts before finishing third in the Lexington Breeders' Classic at the Red Mile on September 5.