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n. pl. cen·tos
A poem or other literary work pieced together from the works of several authors.

[Latin centō, patchwork.]


n, pl -tos
(Poetry) a piece of writing, esp a poem, composed of quotations from other authors
[C17: from Latin, literally: patchwork garment]


n acronym for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Central Treaty Organization; an organization for military and economic cooperation formed in 1959 by the UK, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey as a successor to the Baghdad Pact: disbanded 1979

Cento, Centones, Centoism

 A literary or musical composition made up of selections; a string or rigmarole; a composition formed by joining scraps from other authors, 1605; a patchwork of coloured cloths, 1610.
Examples: cento of blunders, 1780; of borrowed thoughts, 1859; of commonplaces, 1822; of literary works, 1605; of musical composition; of uncircumcised nations, 1647; of patchwork, 1610; of revolters of popery, 1626; of scriptural phrases; of verses, 1882.
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I know how to ship my pens from Buenos Aires to Rosario, but I don't know how to reach the German market," Cento said.
Jewelry from Roberto Coin's newest collections Tanaquilla, Black Jade, Pois Moi, New Barocco, and Cento will all be featured in the latest campaign.
Hazlitt's and Wordsworth's uses of the cento illustrate the constitutive contradiction between copyright's rationale and the materialities of cultural production; their uses also suggest prototypical models of fair dealing, avant la lettre, as both a user's right and a resource for authorship.
2 Rector Street is undoubtedly one of lower Manhattan's premier office towers," said Cento.
a) the management of the project called "Teens" aimed at minors teenagers living in the municipalities of Cento, Bondeno, St.
This is a building that had been upgraded to meet the needs of today's tenants," said Cento, a Cushman & Wakefield executive director based in Downtown Manhattan.
Its plant located in Cento, in north-east Italy, covers an area of 85,000 square meters and employs approximately 1,150 people.
Panelists are Frank Cento, executive director, Cushman & Wakefield; Dennis Friedrich president & CEO, Brookfield Properties; Peter Hennessy, president New York Tri-State, Cassidy Turley; and Janno Lieber, president.
Mitchell Konsker is co-heading the Cushman & Wakefield team along with Frank Cento.
Cento, Italy, from a group led by Montagu Private Equity, the European private equity operation of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Open procedure for the awarding of the annual service of vigilance and monitoring of structures and regulation of vehicular entrances of the Cento S.
The landlord was repped by Cushman and Wakefield's Frank Cento.