central casting

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cen′tral cast′ing

Motion Pictures.
an agency, studio department, etc., responsible for hiring actors, esp. bit players or extras.
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A woman visiting her Idaho hometown notes how her dour mother looks "increasingly like Central Casting sent her for a farmwoman crowd shot.
He was a West Texas farmer straight out of central casting.
PR guru and branding expert Mark Borkowski said: "This is a final straight from central casting - there is the wannabe, the geeky fellow and Mrs Middle England.
Of all the brands scattered across the Hollywood landscape, few have burned as long and as brightly as Central Casting.
Electing an uninspiring party operator straight from central casting would be a huge missed opportunity.
The 44-year-old is certainly not an ordinary Conservative straight out of central casting.
I think Jeremy's attraction to many members was that he was not out of central casting and one of the 'men in suits.
SIR - A Guardianista straight out of Central Casting has appeared out of nowhere to give hope to the Brit Left.
The gradual unfolding of each layer of betrayal and mistrust is skilfully done, and even if some of the characters have been brought in from central casting, the overall effect is powerful and satisfying.
In Avalos' corner - a gallery of boxing characters straight out of central casting - could only look on as their young charge buckled, dived, slipped and reeled.
His eldest daughter has just married the Central Casting pantomime villain, a Russian R playboy aviator with one eye on the skies and the other on his new pa's bank balance.
The usual suspects from Smug Twit and Power Dressing Central Casting compete in a selling task to kick off the series.

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