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Verb1.centrifugate - rotate at very high speed in order to separate the liquids from the solids
ultracentrifuge - subject to the action of an ultracentrifuge
spin - stream in jets, of liquids; "The creek spun its course through the woods"
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10 mL of the centrifugate was freeze dried and 1 g of solid material was obtained.
After ballast proteins reject, and centrifugate collected in capacity for gonadotrophin settling.
The finding was further confirmed by Prussian blue staining of broncho-alveolar lavage centrifugate which revealed hemosiderin-laden macrophages (Siderophages).
The centrifugate was poured off and 10 uL of the resulting RBC button were pipetted into a separate tube along with 10 uL of trypan blue, which only stains RBCs lacking an intact membrane and indicates a nonviable cell, (18) and 2.
After sampling, blood was immediately centrifuged and the plasma was separated from the centrifugate and stored in a -80[degrees]C deep freeze until the assays were performed.