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2016) revealed that a native SPs fraction and its various chemically (HCl treated)-modified products from the red seaweed Acanthophora muscoides attenuated coagulation status activated by the use of cephalin in an in vitro TG continuous system.
Methods of characterizing the overall activity of the blood coagulation: a method of recording the whole blood coagulation on coagulation analyzer - H-334; whole blood clotting time in a siliconized and non-siliconized dish; plasma coagulability time; kaolin time plasma; kaolin cephalin clotting time; plasma tolerance to heparin (PTH); anticoagulation test (ACT).
Methods to assess thrombin generation from its precursor prothrombin were developed in the early 1950s, when McFarlane and Biggs triggered coagulation in whole blood or plasma by adding calcium chloride with or without tissue factor or cephalin (3).
In mammalian and non mammalian spermatozoa, there are natural fatty acids, cholesterol, phospholipids (mainly lecithin, cephalin and sphingomielin) and glycolipids.
2% (los lipidos son mitad lecitina, una porcion de fosfato de inositol y otros derivados de fosforo; el choline y cephalin son derivados de fosfolipidos y los aminoacidos se derivan de proteinas y son numerosos); quebrachitol, 1.
The kaolin cephalin time was 58 s (control 34 s), and the prothrombin rate was 42%.