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 (sîr′ə-mĭd′, sĕr′-)
Any of a group of lipids that are formed by the linking of a fatty acid to sphingosine, are found in cell membranes, and help to regulate the differentiation, proliferation, and death of cells.

[cer(ebroside), any of various glycolipids containing sphingosine and found especially in brain and nerve tissue (cerebr(o)- + -ose + -ide) + amide.]


(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of biologically important compounds used as moisturizers in skin-care preparations
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Skin care company ESN Group Monday reported the availability of its Ceramedx brand of natural ceramide therapy products following four years of research and development by dermatologists and supported by extensive clinical testing.
When applied topically, this special ceramide creates a protective barrier that retains skin hydration to further reduce wrinkling.
Investigation of ceramide and ceramidases on cancer therapy had become popular in recent years.
Key Words: Reinwardtia trigyna, Wardtiamides A and B, Ceramide, Aromatic glucoside.
announced today that it will launch its first food with function claims Chocola BB Rich Ceramide (Notification number: B60) in drugstores, pharmacies and convenience stores throughout Japan on Monday, October 17.
Japan's First Food with Function Claims Drink Containing Ceramide
Laufwunder Lipid Balm is free from colour and perfume and contains ceramide, pathenol and bisabolol.
When researchers drilled down to the cellular level, they found the smoke triggered a tiny lipid called ceramide to alter mitochondria in the cells, causing disruption to normal cell function and inhibiting the cells' ability to respond to insulin.
Microarray and lipid analyses previously published by our laboratory showed that the expression of approximately 75% of genes involved in de novo ceramide biosynthesis, as well as the levels of eight classes of ceramides, were increased in TCDD-exposed human keratinocytes (Kennedy et al.
LHA:Gently exfoliates to reveal a smooth and even skin tone - Ceramide Pro: Ceramide Pro are lipids essential to the skin to maintain its structure, retain moisture and regain the skin's bounciness