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Noun1.ceras - one of the often brightly colored and branching hornlike structures on the back of the nudibranch (and other related mollusks) that serve as gills
branchia, gill - respiratory organ of aquatic animals that breathe oxygen dissolved in water
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Completing the CERA curriculum takes an estimated three to four years, and successful candidates will also become Associates of the Society of Actuaries.
O calor aplicado tanto por imersao como aspersao proporcionou dois efeitos distintos visualizados sob o microscopio eletronico de varredura: o recobrimento parcial ou total das fissuras naturais das camadas epicuticulares dos frutos e o derretimento parcial ou total dos cristaloides de ceras, com alteracao do formato original dos mesmos.
The CERA credential has been adopted by 14 global actuarial organizations, only strengthening CERAs' global role in risk management.
2: "Ulixeas, ut ferunt, ceras auribus figens fugit adversum vitia surdus meretricii blandimenta naufragii.
Tenders are invited for cEras iompair eireann is the main provider of surface land public transport services within the republic of ireland.
There's no question that we'll be in the multiple thousands of CERAs and that's what we think we need to meet the demand out there of employers who want this level of rigor and training.
Segundo Fraguas (2003), a ausencia de formacao de ceras epicuticulares, aliada a alteracao na composicao quimica delas, e uma das caracteristicas que possivelmente pode ser induzida pela condicao in vitro, contribuindo para a dessecacao das mudas apos transferencia para a casa-de-vegetacao, causada pela excessiva perda de agua.
Segundo Pasqual (1997), as folhas de plantas micropropagadas apresentam pouca quantidade de ceras epicuticulares, cuticula mais fina e baixa habilidade dos estomatos fecharem-se em condicoes de baixa umidade relativa do ar, sendo mais sensiveis as variacoes ambientais.
CERAs are qualified for risk manager leadership positions in all types of organizations, including insurance, benefits, broader financial services and the energy, manufacturing, transportation and healthcare industries.
Tenders are invited for iarnrEd eireann (ie) is a subsidiary company of cEras iompair eireann which is the publicly owned transport company of ireland.
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It is a subsidiary of cEras iompair eireann (cie), the national transport company.