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 (sûr′kəs, kĕr′-)
n. pl. cer·ci (sûr′sī, -kī, kĕr′kē)
Either of a pair of appendages located near the tip of the abdomen in many insects and certain other arthropods, usually having a sensory function.

[New Latin, from Greek kerkos, tail.]


n, pl -ci (-siː)
(Zoology) one of a pair of sensory appendages at the tip of the abdomen of some insects and other arthropods
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek kerkos tail]


(ˈsɜr kəs, ˈkɛr-)

n., pl. cer•ci (ˈsɜr saɪ, ˈkɛr ki)
one of a pair of usu. jointed feelers at the rear of the abdomen of some insects.
[1820–30; < New Latin < Greek kérkos tail]
cer′cal, adj.
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Cerci not long, flattened, truncate, short, andthick (Fig.
0 times as long as gonostyhis and setose; gonostyhis clavifonn, tapering from base to apex, setulose on basal third, glabrous and ridged beyond to apical tooth; posterior margins of cerci and hypoproct evenly convex posteriorly, all 3 subequal in shape, the cerci with several setae ventrolaterally and apically, hypoproct with 3 setae along posterior margin about as long as cerci; parameres longer than hypoproct, covered with elongate, recurved setulae, bilobed, the dorsal lobe short, convex, the ventral lobe longer, larger, projecting dorsally in lateral view; aedeagus glabrous, longer than mediobasal lobe, tapering gradually to apex, the apex convex in dorsoventral view.
Cerci subtriangular, pointed at apex; surstyli strongly curved inward [15,29,32].
Female genitalia: Segment 10 transparent membranous; cerci well developed, long cactus shape, hairy; postgenital (subanal) plate broad and clear, bristles present Eupeodes latifasciatus Macquart, 1829 (figure 2.
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