cerebellar hemisphere

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Noun1.cerebellar hemisphere - either of two lateral lobes of the cerebellum
neural structure - a structure that is part of the nervous system
cerebellum - a major division of the vertebrate brain; situated above the medulla oblongata and beneath the cerebrum in humans
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In another retrospective study on 134 cases of clinically diagnosed TB patients conducted by He W et al, [8] brain parenchyma tuberculosis were detected more frequently in the cerebral hemispheres and cerebellar hemisphere.
The cranial tomography examination to explain his nonspecific neurological symptoms showed bilateral calcifications in the temporal, parietal, frontal, occipital lobes, basal ganglia, cerebellar hemisphere and medulla oblongata posteriorly.
Noncontrast CT imaging of the head performed in the ER demonstrated a roughly 6 cm mass centered in the superior right cerebellar hemisphere with cortical involvement and mild mass effect upon the fourth ventricle.
Physicians at the medical emergency center performed lifesaving left suboccipital craniotomy and removed the hematoma and a part of the cerebellar hemisphere damaged by the contusion.
e) Left vertebral injection in the early capillary phase showing the relative lack of capillary staining in the left inferolateral cerebellar hemisphere.
0-cm mixed solid and cystic mass in the medial and inferior right cerebellar hemisphere with marked mass effect upon the fourth ventricle.
His initial CT scan was performed without contrast and revealed a hypodensity in the right cerebellar hemisphere measuring 3.
Tissue from the cerebellar hemisphere was processed through a multistep protein extraction procedure described previously (Cortes et al.
NCC in cerebellar hemisphere is rare, it is more difficult to diagnose when immunological tests are negative, therefore, multiple tools are expected to develop diagnosis and evaluate the efficacy of treatment.
Reduced cerebellar hemisphere size and its relationship to vermal hypoplasia in autism.
Contrast MRI scan of brain revealed a solitary ring enhancing lesions in the left cerebellar hemisphere with mild obstructive hydrocephalus above the 4th ventricle (Figure 1,2).