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1. Strictly observant of or devoted to ceremony, ritual, or etiquette; punctilious: "borne on silvery trays by ceremonious world-weary waiters" (Financial Times).
a. Characterized by ceremony.
b. In accord with prescribed or customary usage; rigidly formal.

cer′e·mo′ni·ous·ly adv.
cer′e·mo′ni·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.ceremoniousness - a ceremonial manner
formalness, formality - a manner that strictly observes all forms and ceremonies; "the formality of his voice made the others pay him close attention"
unceremoniousness - an unceremonial manner


Strict observance of social conventions:
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But give me your hand, senora; I require no better protection than my own continence, and my own sense of propriety; as well as that which is inspired by that venerable head-dress;" and so saying he kissed her right hand and took it in his own, she yielding it to him with equal ceremoniousness.
Conviction and a constitutional Predisposition to Ceremoniousness, in piety as in manners, find her Forms and Ordinances Aids of Religion, not sources of Formality.
Indubitably Lambert--what with his wild terpsichorean enthusiasms, his extremes of pride and self-laceration, the ceremoniousness of his verbal thrusts--would have coped far better in 16th-century than in 20th-century England.
The oldest recording, that of Beethoven's First (6/1970), oscillates between cantability and ceremoniousness, far removed from the bristly provocative performance of "conductors/ authenticists".