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 (sîr′ĭk, sĕr′-)
Relating to or containing cerium, especially with valence 4.


(Chemistry) of or containing cerium in the tetravalent state


(ˈsɪər ɪk, ˈsɛr-)

containing cerium, esp. in the tetravalent state.
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Adj.1.ceric - of or relating to or containing cerium especially with valence 4
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The various graft copolymers have been synthesized by varying ceric ion and acrylamide concentrations to effect changes in the number and length of graft copolymers.
We then realized that the low absorbance readings, determined with a Jenway Model 6100 monochromator-type spectrophotometer (Felsted-Dunmow, Essex, UK), actually reflected rapid catalytic conversion of ceric to cerous ions-the speed of the reaction probably being due to the high ambient room temperatures (measured at 33-35 [degrees]0).
Mustafa Reis Ceric said that better times have come to Banja Luka and Bosnia.
Among all the methods used [24-27], it has been shown that ceric ion is the most effective agent in grafting vinyl monomers to a number of polysaccharides [27-30].
Wahhabis had apparently also been planning the assassination of Mufti of Sandzak Muamer Zukorlic and of Reis-Ul-Ulema in Sarajevo Mustafa Ceric.
The multi-attribute utility theory is a well-known decision-making technique used under conditions of both certainty and uncertainty (Luce, Raiffa 1957; Kenney, Raiffa 1976; Saaty 1994; Flanagan, Norman 1993; Ceric 2003).
Irina Ceric, JD, LLM, of the Bars of Ontario and New York.
Mustafa Ceric is the grand mufti emeritus of Bosnia-Herzegovina and a visiting professor at WISE University in Amman, Jordan.
Polymers can be grafted onto regular cellulose by treating it with ceric ammonium nitrate, which turns part of the cellulose backbone into hydroxyl (OH) radicals.
The diaspora is willing to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but before they decide to do this they want to know what is specifically offered and under what conditions," said president of the World Federation of B&H Diaspora Anes Ceric, adding that he hopes this gathering will yield concrete results.
Panelists include Mufti Taqi Usmani from Pakistan; Mufti Mustafa Ceric from Bosnia; Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin from Russia, Nabil A Molla, secretary general of the GCC Standardisation Organisation, and Dr Abdulqahir Mohammad Qamar of the International Islamic Fiqah Academy, Saudi Arabia.