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A material consisting of processed ceramic particles bonded with metal and used in high-strength and high-temperature applications. Also called ceramal.


(Metallurgy) any of several materials consisting of a metal matrix with ceramic particles disseminated through it. They are hard and resistant to high temperatures. Also called: ceramal
[C20: from cer(amic) + met(al)]


(ˈsɜr mɛt)

a durable, heat-resistant alloy formed by compacting and sintering a metal and a ceramic substance.
[1950–55; cer (amic) + met (al)]
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Adding to SKILSAW's new metal cutting lineup is the SPT62MTC 12-inch Dry Cut Saw, which is also available with a Diablo Cermet blade (SPT62MTC-22) or a SKILSAW Carbide blade (SPT62MTC-01) for fast, clean cuts and great precision.
Cermet filling has been prepared under the supervision of Dr.
Mizuno, H, Kitamura, J, "MoB/CoCr Cermet Coatings by HVOF Spraying Against Erosion by Molten Al-Zn Alloy.
All Worlds' Best saw blades are made to order, Cermet II blades.
Key words: reaming, austenite, cermet, cooling, nanocomposite
Thermal spray processes belong to advanced processes in the production of metallic, ceramic, and cermet coatings.
So says David Cermet, legislative policy director for AARP.
EWAG's new Compact Line features the ability to grind carbide, PCD, CBN, cermet, and ceramic on one machine.
1999] compared 49 RMGIC (Vitremer[R]) and cermet restorations (Ketac-Silver[R]) in a split mouth design over 36 months.
85 mm) chip load, Tru-Cut Saw's Aggressor Phantom cermet saw blades pull 10-11 amps and produce a near mirror finish.