cerulean blue

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Noun1.cerulean blue - light greenish-blue pigment consisting essentially of oxides of cobalt and tin
pigment - dry coloring material (especially a powder to be mixed with a liquid to produce paint, etc.)
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Reflective of McLarens racing heritage, Burton Blue and Cerulean Blue also feature on the new F1 car.
A BRIGHT, cold winter's day, the sky as cerulean blue and the air as sparklingly clear as you can only find in the mountains.
In her beaded cerulean blue gown flowing to the rhythm, Celeste Legaspi owned the stage for over two hours in a show dedicated to her father, National Artist for Visual Arts, Cesar Legaspi, and her mother who stood by him through thick and thin.
It will be available in nine colours, six single (Fiery Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Blazing Red, Granite Black, Premium Silver, and Pearl Arctic White) and three dual-tone (Blazing Red with Midnight Black, Fiery Yellow with Pearl Arctic White, and Cerulean Blue with Pearl Arctic White).
The colour palette of the fabric was also born from the rich colours of the fruit, using accents of pale gold, mid tones of mauve and cerulean blue with dark shades of burgundy, violet and navy.
Thin bands of white intersected two of the largest segments in Quintuple 1, embellished in Cerulean blue glaze.
To accompany the splendid foliage there are sprays of tiny bright cerulean blue flowers.
Flying at fairly low altitude over sea and forest on a clear early autumn day when the pollution free atmosphere was crystal clear, and the high mountains stood out in sharp relief against a cerulean blue sky, I felt a feeling of pure elation, and when we landed on the calm waters of the fjord and taxied gently to a wooden landing stage I felt as though I was living the dream.
Blunt and Corden anchor the film with their humanity and humor, while Streep, sporting a ratty, cerulean blue mane, belts her way out of "Mamma Mia'' prison and into our musical goodwill, delivering some of the film's most emotional moments.
From soft, dusty aquas to rich cerulean blue to deep navy, blue has essentially become the new neutral.
Kim showed off her killer curves in a grey two-piece suit with see-through cerulean blue cover up as she walks barefoot in the shoreline's rocks.