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This study included 88 patients, with cervical injury confirmed radiologically exhibiting subluxation that was not reduced after cervical traction.
Ultrasound Therapy Unit, IFT+ TENS and Stimulator, Auto-lumber & cervical Traction unit
When deeper insertion of the forceps is necessary to explore the fundus and cornu, care must be taken to apply cervical traction and follow the axis of the uterus to minimize the risk of trauma to the uterine wall.
Estrada said he would also need to undergo a therapy program using the following equipment: hydrocollator, ultrasound, transcutaneous nerve stimulation and cervical traction up to 40 pounds.
There is limited evidence to suggest the combination of intermittent cervical traction and thoracic spine manipulation is beneficial for individuals with grade 1 cervical compressive myelopathy attributed to herniated disc.
Objective: To estimate frequency of neurological improvement after cervical traction in patients with cervical spine injury.
Two systematic reviews were not able to provide conclusive evidence to recommend or to refute cervical traction for pain reduction and improvement of function in patients with chronic radicular neck pain, due to the low quality of relevant randomized controlled trials.
MRI performed in these patients after cervical traction showed the presence of disc material within the spinal canal compressing the cervical cord (3).
9) Cervical traction in rigid cervical bracing is successful in most cases.
R, Lumbar and Cervical Traction, Manipulation and Mobilization, Multi Channel Slimming Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, Myofascial Release Techniques, P.
Cervical ripening and induction of labor with intravaginal misoprostol and Foley catheter cervical traction.