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adj. Botany
Growing in tufts or clumps.

[New Latin caespitōsus, from Latin caespes, caespit-, turf.]

ces′pi·tose′ly adv.


(Botany) a variant spelling (esp US) of caespitose
ˈcespiˌtosely adv
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Adj.1.cespitose - (of plants) growing in small dense clumps or tufts
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
ungregarious - (of plants) growing together in groups that are not close together
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The winter 2007-2008 sampling period followed below-normal rainfall conditions during the spring and summer growing season of 2007 which may have inhibited regrowth and fruiting of cespitose grasses in burn class one prairie.
Although palm heart is extracted from many different palms for domestic consumption, at least one species, Prestoea acuminata, is regularly consumed during Easter in Colombia, causing a strong pressure on local populations of this cespitose palm (Gamba Trimino, 2004); although, in practice, this ritual seasonality of use works asa management plan, it is probably not intended as such.
montana is cespitose, all stems within 10 cm of each other were considered to be parts of an individual plant.
Singly, small groups or large cespitose clusters on decaying hardwood logs and stumps or at the base of living hardwood trees.
These are wide areas of grasslands where cespitose grasses predominate (Boldrini et al.