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A scoop-shaped wicker basket that is worn over the hand and used to catch and throw the ball in jai alai.

[Spanish, basket, from Latin cista, chest; see chest.]


(in jai alai) the long basket used to throw and catch the ball

jai a•lai

(ˈhaɪ ˌlaɪ, ˈhaɪ əˌlaɪ, ˌhaɪ əˈlaɪ)
a game resembling handball, played on a three-walled court by two, four, or six players who use a long, curved wicker basket (cesta) strapped to the wrist to catch and throw a small, hard ball against the front wall.Compare fronton.
[1905–10; < Sp < Basque, =jai holiday, feast + alai merry]
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