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A colorless liquid, C16H34, used as a solvent and as a performance standard for diesel fuels.

[Latin cētus, whale (so called because it is found in sperm whale oil); see Cetus + -ane.]


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless insoluble liquid alkane hydrocarbon used in the determination of the cetane number of diesel fuel. Formula: C16H34. Also called: hexadecane
[C19: from Latin cētus whale + -ane, so called because related compounds are found in sperm whale oil]


(ˈsi teɪn)

a colorless, liquid hydrocarbon, the alkane C16H34, used as a solvent.
[1930–35; cet(yl) (cetyl alcohol) + -ane]
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The report"Fuel Additives Market by Application (Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation & Others), by Type (Deposit Control, Antioxidant, Corrosion, Inhibitor, Lubricity & CETANE Improvers & Others) and by Regions - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020" , published by MarketsandMarkets, The Fuel Additives Market is estimated to register a CAGR of 6.
Contract award notice: Object Of The Contract Includes An Automatic Device For The Determination Of Octane And Cetane Number, And The Characterization Of Petrol And Diesel Fuels Including Installation, Commissioning, While Ensuring The Iq / Oq Protocols And Appropriate Certification And Training Staff.
The cetane improvers segment is growing at a greater pace, followed by the corrosion inhibitors and deposit control additives segments.
Cynar has developed an effective process that converts mixed waste plastics into synthetic fuels that are cleaner, lower in sulfur, and in the case of diesel, higher in cetane than generic diesel fuel.
This reduction was caused by factors such as higher levels of oxygen, higher cetane number and lower levels of aromatic carbohydrates and sulphur compounds.
Additional improvements in other qualities like distillation boiling range, flow properties, cetane number and aromatics content were brought from new facilities.
However, different esters vary in terms of important fuel properties such as total and free glycerine, cetane number, viscosity, cloud point, pour point, density and degree of unsaturation.
The fuel offers improved performance over biodiesel and petroleum-based diesel, including a high cetane value of 80 compared with a cetane range of 40 to 60 found in diesel at the pump today.
According to Cynar this yields synthetic fuels which are cleaner, lower a higher cetane than generic diesel fuel.
Another important factor is a fuel's cetane number, which indicates how quickly the fuel combusts once it's injected into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine--the higher the number, the better the performance.
low-sulfur diesel has a cetane rating of between 38 and 45, while Europe runs up to 58--the higher level of cetane the better the fuel burn and lubricity.
Monster Diesel effectively boosts the cetane rating of diesel fuel to give operators a premium grade diesel fuel which is more cost effective and better for their engine.