cetyl alcohol

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ce·tyl alcohol

A solid white waxy alcohol, C16H34O, used as an emulsifier and in cosmetics, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals.

[Latin cētus, whale; see Cetus + -yl.]

ce′tyl al′cohol

(ˈsit l)
a white crystalline water-insoluble solid, C16H34O, used chiefly as an emollient in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
[1870–75; < Latin cēt(us) whale; from its being found in spermaceti]
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49195 Propylene Glycol Plus Emulsifying Wax Plus Glycerine Plus Cyclomethicone Plus Shea, Aloe, Chaco, Mango Butter Plus Cetyl Alcohol Plus Stearic Acid Plus Dimethicone Cream 150 Gms
Cetyl Alcohol may sound unpleasant but, according to Zoe, it's just an extract of palm kernel oil and used as a stabiliser in creams.
One of the first available protein-free, artificial surfactant preparations was Exosurf, or colfosceril palmitate plus cetyl alcohol and tyloxapol.
Offers cetyl alcohol NF and cetyl-stearyl alcohol as mold releases in plastics.
Steve Shiel, Aussie Haircare expert says 'One of the most important ways of removing frizz is to ensure that the individual hair strands are as aligned as possible--the rich levels of cetyl alcohol smooth and align each strand to give the perfect foundation for frizz-free hair.