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 (săb′ə-dĭl′ə, -dē′ə)
1. A plant (Schoenocaulon officinale) found from Mexico to Peru, having long spikelike racemes of small flowers, long narrow leaves, and seeds that contain veratridine and other alkaloids.
2. A preparation of the seeds of this plant, used as an insecticide and in some medicinal preparations.

[Spanish cebadilla, diminutive of cebada, barley, from Latin cibātus, from past participle of cibāre, to feed, from cibus, food.]


1. (Plants) a tropical American liliaceous plant, Schoenocaulon officinale
2. (Plants) the bitter brown seeds of this plant, which contain the alkaloids veratrine and veratridine and are used in insecticides
[C19: from Spanish cebadilla, diminutive of cebada barley, from Latin cibāre to feed, from cibus food]