chacma baboon

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Noun1.chacma baboon - greyish baboon of southern and eastern Africachacma baboon - greyish baboon of southern and eastern Africa
baboon - large terrestrial monkeys having doglike muzzles
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The researchers investigated two wild large chacma baboon groups at Tsaobis Nature Park in Namibia over a period of four years.
Mfuwe BuV and Livingstone BuV were identified in 2 yellow baboons (Papio cynocephalus) in Mfuwe and a chacma baboon (P.
The primary aim of this study was to assess the diagnostic efficacy of ROTEG in the quantification of plasma fibrinolytic activity (PFA) or the intensity of the 'lytic state' during thrombolytic therapy in the Chacma baboon.
Seminested RT-PCR was positive in only 1 chacma baboon sample.
Satirist Robert Kirby has staged debates between himself and a chacma baboon named 'Gladstone,' who, complaining of the chacma's fate in scientific laboratories, exclaims: "This is forced removals all over again" (1997).
He added the reserve hoped to use technology as a research tool, starting with the common Chacma baboon, where there is a gap in knowledge about the effects of predation on the animal.
Chacma baboons saw 121 body parts brought in as trophies, while there were 104 from leopards.
The team was curious about male violence and sexual intimidation in the chacma baboons living in Namibia in part because no one had ever witnessed a male baboon forcing a female to mate with him.
And in South Africa I have encountered Chacma Baboons, their southern counterpart.