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Any of various plant-eating scarab beetles, such as the rose chafer.

[Middle English, a kind of beetle, from Old English ceafor.]


(Animals) any of various scarabaeid beetles, such as the cockchafer and rose chafer
[Old English ceafor; related to Old Saxon kevera, Old High German chevar]


(ˈtʃeɪ fər)

any of various scarab beetles that are pests of plants, as the cockchafer and rose chafer.
[before 1000; Middle English cheaffer, chaver, Old English ceofor; akin to Old Saxon, Middle Dutch kever, Old High German chevar(o)]


nKäfer m
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Neither the chafers, the toads, nor the earth-worms, whom they asked about it could give them any information--none of them had been boiled or laid on a silver dish.
The WB Disposable Chafers are perfect for tailgating, home buffets, restaurants, picnics or any other event that require a chafer.
RASPBERRIES and other summer berries that have fruited this year can be cut out and new shoots tied in for next year | LAWN chafers or leatherjackets a problem?
Perversely, sufficient moisture arrived to soften the ground so that Japanese beetles and several species of various chafers were able to lay their eggs in the lawn.
Pakistani fauna of chafers belonging to the tribe Melolonthini is still known only insufficiently.
They consist of parts called chafers, bead fillers and carcass plies; they are made for all different types of vehicles, road conditions and seasons.
Ye s t e r day, for the first time this year, the chafers, relatives of the dung beetle, descended on the racecourse in droves, showing a tendency to hover between grass and knee level, but also displaying a desire to perch on people, one of which, the Racing Post's betting editor Paul Kealy, had his neck chewed by a particularly aggressive pest.
Now the two get photo submissions of specimens from all over the world, ranging from the common termite to mating Malaysian flower chafers.
Windsor's Roll-Top Chafers are equipped with a Glide Hinge[TM] mechanism that makes opening and closing smooth and easy.
ADRIENNE SAYS: May bugs or cock chafers are a species of beetle that live in the soil.
In western states, Surround gives economic suppression of grape and variegated leafhoppers and thrips, and in eastern states of Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, leafrollers, rose chafers and thrips.
They go under the names of Japanese beetle, Asiatic Garden beetle and Oriental beetle, together with perhaps more than a few European chafers and their relatives.