chain smoker

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v. chain-smoked, chain-smok·ing, chain-smokes
To smoke continually, as by lighting the next cigarette from the previous one.
To smoke (cigarettes, for example) in continuing succession.

chain smoker n.
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Although I am not an expert, I would just like to share with readers how I suffered being a chain smoker for more than 32 years.
He battled lung cancer and survived, but because he used to be a chain smoker, eventually his gall bladder got affected.
I found myself with blackened teeth when I went to brush after staying in a hotel room which was occupied previously by a tenant who was a chain smoker," she remarked.
The reason behind my sister's illness is smoking, for she is like a chain smoker and began having problems in her lungs," she divulged.
Arcaya, a known chain smoker, could have fallen asleep with a lighted cigarette, triggering the blaze that started inside her room, Cebu City Fire Marshal Rogelio Bongabong said.
My grandfather bet my father he would smoke them before the month was out because he was a chain smoker.
He's a chain smoker who likes a drink - well, so does Nigel Farage and the Tories could well end up in government with him.
On investigation, we found that he was a chain smoker," he says.
Meanwhile, the world's most desirable alcoholic chain smoker Peter Barlow was in double trouble amid fears that he'd not only knocked up his wife Carla, but also his mistress Tina.
Countering her charges, Bunty had told the police at a family counselling centre that Arianne was a chain smoker and roamed around with some youths in the area.
A chain smoker, Cowell used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes in a day and has previously tried hypnotherapy and electronic fags to try to kick the habit.