chainlink fence

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chain·link fence

A fence made of thick steel wire interwoven in a diamond pattern.

chainlink fencing n.
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Noun1.chainlink fence - a fence of steel wires woven into a diamond pattern
fence, fencing - a barrier that serves to enclose an area
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YKM GROUP is the best wire mesh manufacturer compnay manufacture all type of wire mesh like ss wire mesh , welded mesh , fly mesh , pvc chainlink fence , wire mesh cloth .
2) the perimeter fence is to be replaced with a marine grade ballstop fence to include new retaining wall along the county road, replacement of chainlink fence and all ancillary works.
Survivors recall burying spouses, having babies taken away, and family visits with a chainlink fence separating them from their relatives.
Members of North Warwickshire Borough Council's resources board will be told at a meeting next Monday that a scheme has been devised to resurface the tennis court area, put up a two-metre-high chainlink fence and install floodlights.
She tied yellow ribbons to a chainlink fence and stapled blank white cards to them so people can write messages on them.
Flight 1455 from Los Angeles to Burbank was carrying 142 passengers and crew on 5 March when it overshot the runway on landing and ran through a chainlink fence and across a six-lane road before stopping just in front of a petrol station.
includes 12~ x 6 gauge chainlink fence fabric; 8-5/8" 90 degree hinge with a 180 degree adapter; 6-5/8" 180 degree offset hinge; 4" 180 degree offset hinge; 3" 180 degree offset hinge; 2-1/2" easy twist prison fence.