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A mechanized, cable-suspended, aerial chair assembly used to transport skiers up or down a mountain slope.


a series of chairs suspended from a power-driven cable for conveying people, esp skiers, up a mountain



a series of chairs suspended from an endless motorized cable, conveying skiers up a mountainside.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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Noun1.chairlift - a ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainsidechairlift - a ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside; seats are hung from an endless overhead cable
ski lift, ski tow, lift - a powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill
مَقْعَدٌ هَوائي
lanovkasedačková lanovkasedačkový výtah
스키장 리프트
sedačková lanovka


[ˈtʃɛəlɪft] Ntelesilla m or f, teleférico m


(tʃeə) noun
1. a movable seat for one person, with a back to it. a table and four chairs.
2. the position of a person who is chairman at a meeting etc. Who is in the chair?
3. the office of a university professor. He holds the chair of History at this university.
to be chairman at (a meeting etc). He chaired the meeting last night.
ˈchairlift noun
a set of seats hanging from a cable, used to take skiers etc up a mountain.
ˈchairman, chairperson, chairwoman nouns
a person who takes charge of or directs a meeting.
ˈchairmanship noun

Address a male chairman as Mr Chairman, and a female chairman as Madam Chairman.


عَرَبَةٌ يَجُرُّها سِلْكٌ إِلَى أَعْلَى الـجَبَل sedačková lanovka stolelift Sessellift τελεφερίκ για σκι telesilla tuolihissi télésiège sedežnica seggiovia チェアリフト 스키장 리프트 stoeltjeslift stolheis wyciąg krzesełkowy teleférico кресельный подъемник sittlift เก้าอี้ยกคนขึ้นไปเล่นสกี telesiyej ghế treo trên dây cáp và lên xuống để chở người 升降椅
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Contract notice: Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a detachable 8-seater chairlift with wetterschuntzhauben with wording "enzian".
But as I still hadn't explored far, I decided to get the high-speed chairlift to the top of the main slope in Belle Plagne.
The Ayubia-bound tourists discover to their chagrin that the oldest, and perhaps the most sought-after, Chairlift of the country is stalled for repairs since August 20, depriving families, kids and fun-loving youth alike the panoramic aerial view of the sprawling Galiyat dotted with lush jungles, magnificent valleys and towering hills.
PESHAWAR -- Resuming the arrival of tourists in the scenic valley of Swat with restoration of peace, the project to set up modern tourist resorts, chairlift, and skiing facility has been speeded up in the charming Malam Jabba.
CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine -- Seven people were injured in a chairlift accident Saturday at a Maine ski area, although none of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening.
The report also disclosed that the Israeli Municipality signed a contract with SAFEG French company which in turn contracted with another French firm called Poma and specialized in chairlift construction.
Among the range of Among the range of entertainment attractions entertainment attractions were an amusement were an amusement arcade, a theatre, arcades arcade, a theatre, arcades of shops, a chairlift system of shops, a chairlift system and a miniature railway.
Students will be able to identify with these modes of transport, such as a camel, bus, jumbo jet, train, ferry and chairlift which move the action forward, engaging students as the story progresses through a variety of urban and rural landscapes.
ThyssenKrupp Access, a leading supplier of lifts and elevators, recently won the 2014 Project of the Year award by Elevator World magazine for its installation of the highest chairlift in the world in Makkah Royal Hotel Clock Tower.
The ski resort, located in East Troy, offers 20 runs serviced by three high-speed quad chairlifts, three triple chairlifts, one double chairlift, four conveyor belts and one high-speed rope tow.
NEWLYWED Georgina Rice had a bird's eye view of married life as she floated up to her wedding reception on Dudley Zoo's vintage chairlift.
Construction and installation of the chairlift by Doppelmayr USA will continue through October 31 at an estimated cost of $6 million.