chaise lounge

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chaise longue

 (shāz′ lông′, shĕz′) or chaise lounge (shāz′ lounj′, chās′)
n. pl. chaise longues (shāz′ lông′, shĕz′) or chaises longues (shĕz′ lông′) or chaise lounges (shāz′ loun′jĭz, chās′)
A usually upholstered reclining chair with a long seat that supports the outstretched legs.

[French : chaise, chair + longue, long.]

chaise lounge

[ˌʃeɪzˈlaʊndʒ] n (US)méridienne f
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Situated in her shrink's office - picture sun-drenched blinds, a copious amount of books, and a chaise lounge - it's more monologue than conversation between client and doctor.
Top these on a chaise lounge, sofa or bed to instantly refresh the look.
Frankly we should have been on the chaise lounge puffing cheroots after 30 minutes.
This sentiment is reflected in his recent creation for Louis Vuitton, a multifunctional lounge chair that wondrously converts from a pouffe into a chaise lounge or armchair.
A sparkling new recreation area now features plush chaise lounge chairs and sexy seating areas for soaking up the sun in style before taking a refreshing dip in the refreshing pool.
Available directly from Sarasota's Home Resource (which was just awarded exclusive rights to represent luxury Italian furniture brand Poltrona Frau and its Cassina and Capped ini luxury lines on the west coast of Florida), the LC4 Villa Church chaise lounge ($4,810) was first created in 1928 for the Villa Church in Ville-d'Avray.
You can enjoy a complimentary massage at Elenis Travel Spa, or chill out in your own private room that features a TV, chaise lounge, desk, and shower.
Mayer had posed upside-down on a chaise lounge and holding a tablet featuring an image of her face.
This is what's left: ice age water, winds that curl ghost dunes until they crest into waves atop which teeter dining rooms, a chaise lounge.
In this case, Giovannoni's seating employs sturdy, roll-formed aluminum rails and flexible polyester-polymer mesh to create a lightweight chaise lounge and ottoman, stool and dining chair.
For example, I don't care what the squeaky voiced girl/woman or her family wants from the furniture store, she can have any colour chaise lounge she wants, but the brand owners should realise that this badly crafted tripe will probably ensure thousands of people will remain stoically Swedish in their new furniture quests for years to come.
Splurge on a chaise lounge, and let waiters bring you cocktails.