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Noun1.chaja - largest crested screamer; native to southern Brazil and Argentina
crested screamer - distinguished from the horned screamer by a feathery crest on the back of the head
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As Jones describes, "as for a room to paint in, I procured one in a little convent adjoining, called the Capella Vecchia, situated in the Borgo of the Chaja and very near Sr Wm Hamilton's palace.
In the words of its 3-year-old rider Chaja Verveer, now 64: "Let it be a symbol that we today cannot afford to be bystanders watching idly as other trains of genocide pass by.
In memory of Chaja Lazar (1924-2003), a woman of valor
The special task force raided at Hano ka Chaja in interior city where they found butchers slaughtering animals in streets.
Born Chaja Rubinstein, she first made her way to Australia after picking up some business acumen from relatives in the fur business in Vienna.
Isabella Rossellini stars as Mrs Kalman, a strict Hasidic Jew who hires young and carefree Chaja (Laura Fraser) as a nanny.