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 (kə-lā′zə, -lăz′ə)
n. pl. cha·la·zae (-zē) or cha·la·zas
1. Biology One of two spiral bands of tissue in an egg that connect the yolk to the lining membrane at either end of the shell.
2. Botany The region of an ovule that is opposite the micropyle, where the integuments and nucellus are joined.

[Greek khalaza, hard lump, hailstone.]

cha·la′zal adj.
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A testal flange projects at the chalazal end and the seed surface is ornamented by rounded tubercles (visible from photos of the type collection kindly supplied by M.
Currently an autapomorphy for Cyanastrum, although may be homologous with chalazal elaiosomes or pachychalaza in other taxa.
Andrographis, Acanthaceae: Mohan Ram, 1960) as well as chalazal or integumentary tissue.
The hypostase is situated above the chalazal vasculature and, depending on the form of the nucellar base, it may be present as cluster of cells, or a disk- or cuplike cell (BOUMAN, 1984).
0,7 mm wide, flattened, not thickened towards the apex, yellowish; anthers linear, subdorsifixed, slightly sagittate, with a thick green connective and dark brown to blackish thecae, pollen yellow; ovary conical, the lower 1/3 (= nectary tissue) sunk into the receptacle, yellowish, nectary tissue orange, the superior part 7 mm long; ovules white, the flat chalazal appendage about half as long as the ovule proper; style ca.
4 68 feed 1155 mama 17 5 112 deers 1446 Malay 13 6 126 booboo 1809 malaya 14 7 180 feeders 2034 layaway 11 8 228 deferred 2247 chalazal 10 9 266 deferrers 2892 Malayalam 11 10 323 feedstuffs 2522 amalgamate 7.
from the chalazal portion of the ovule (Singh & Johri, 1972; Singh,