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also cal·ced·o·ny (kăl-sĕd′n-ē)
n. pl. chal·ced·o·nies also cal·ced·o·nies
A translucent to transparent milky or grayish quartz with distinctive microscopic crystals arranged in slender fibers in parallel bands.

[Late Latin chalcēdonius, from Greek khalkēdōn, a mystical stone (Revelation 21:19), perhaps from Khalkēdōn, Chalcedon.]

chal′ce·don′ic (kăl′sĭ-dŏn′ĭk) adj.
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Other samples in the general area reported moderate Fe-stained chalcedonic veining with a smoky matrix.
Strong evidence of epithermal/mesothermal mineralisation and alteration in the Kwaiahia region was noted with float rocks showing features such as fine-grained chalcedonic quartz + grey fine sulphides (mainly pyrite) with silvery grey to black minerals (stibnite), weakly banded chalcedonic quartz/ calcite and vuggy and lattice textures (bladed calcite replaced by silica).
Larsen and Shannon (1930) expanded the description, noting that wardite also forms nearly colorless thin layers within and on the surface of dirty gray, chalcedonic nodules of millisite and also forms as scattered crystals and thin crusts within the yellow crandallite.
23) Rather than using the Chalcedonic formula of Jesus Christ's full divinity and full humanity as a starting point, theologians of this post-Vatican II generation turn to the scriptural narratives about Jesus' historical ministry.
These silcretes are attributed to brackish, silica-saturated groundwaters from weathering granites, with precipitation of opaline and chalcedonic silica occurring in response to evaporative concentration as the flow path approaches a major discharge zone.
Minor grain types include chalcedonic microcrystalline quartz of indeterminate origin but possibly from amygdules in volcanic rock, polycrystalline microlitic and felsitic volcanic rock fragments (in addition to more abundant glassy volcanic rock fragments), equant opaque iron oxide grains that are probably magnetite, internally foliated fragments of metamorphic slate, and rare aggregate epidote grains.
Furthermore, KA has observed that quarries of white chalcedonic silcrete on Nicholson station were important sources of material that was heated to make exceptionally large (>8 cm) Kimberley points (Figure 5).
The middle and southerly sections of the orebody are composed of westerly-striking, steeply-dipping chalcedonic and silicified schist, some of which is overlain by a sequence of re-cemented alluvium (gravel).
From chalcedonic chert to quartz chert: diagenesis of chert hosted in a Miocene volcanic-sedimentary succession, central Japan.
Balei, which reportedly contained 200 tonnes of gold, comprises crustiform chalcedonic quartz-adularia-carbonate veins and stockworks in Late Jurassic volcanics and Early Cretaceous conglomerates filling a northeast-striking graben[14].
The Colorado drill program revealed that there were carbonatites and chalcedonic quartz zones which contained Rare Earth Elements (REEs).
Chalcedonic quartz is rare, and only a few aesthetic specimens are known from the Erongo pockets.