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also cal·ced·o·ny (kăl-sĕd′n-ē)
n. pl. chal·ced·o·nies also cal·ced·o·nies
A translucent to transparent milky or grayish quartz with distinctive microscopic crystals arranged in slender fibers in parallel bands.

[Late Latin chalcēdonius, from Greek khalkēdōn, a mystical stone (Revelation 21:19), perhaps from Khalkēdōn, Chalcedon.]

chal′ce·don′ic (kăl′sĭ-dŏn′ĭk) adj.
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Pacific Rim discovered anomalous levels of gold mineralization in chalcedonic quartz stockwork veining, which led to the staking of these claims.
Moderate to strong concentrations of fine disseminated pyrite with accompanying chalcedonic veining occurs from surface to approximately 60 meters depth.
Vein outcrop and subcrop consists of banded quartz-adularia and shallower level chalcedonic quartz hosted in silicified felsic volcanics and can be traced for a distance of 5 kilometers of NNW strike length, along which are several minor shallow historic workings.
Intrepid geologists are currently conducting additional sampling at Las Minitas in addition to investigating a zone of chalcedonic silica located to the east of Oro Nuevo that appears to represent high-level sinter material.
Adjacent to this new vein structure is a 20 metre wide and 300 metre long zone known as Los Pelados which is characterized by pervasive silicification, alunite, silica-clay alteration and laminated chalcedonic veins.
The Nub West extensional corridor host swarms of parallel monzonite dykes, basalt dykes, younger latite dykes and large volumes of chalcedonic quartz.
Hole KP05-550A was drilled under the North Extension zone and intersected a banded chalcedonic quartz veined zone from 747 to 774 metres down hole.
Some portions of the vein exhibit chalcedonic silica stockwork with values in a 30 centimetre chip sample of 12.
One stage is represented by banded, white sterile quartz with "comb structure": another consists of chalcedonic quartz with sparse amethystine quartz -- also sterile; and the last composed of grayish or "shadowed" quartz associated with metallic sulphides and sulfosalts of silver, and with sulphides of lead, zinc, iron, the latter associated with gold.
Drill holes HUM-05-018, HUM-05-019 and HUM-05-024 tested similar areas overlain either by chalcedonic silica or its weathered equivalent, about 800 metres west of the CSP Discovery Gold Zone.
In the immediate foot-wall of this silicified structure, chalcedonic veins and pyritic silicification have been sampled.