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Relating to or being a chemical element that tends to bond with sulfur and form highly insoluble, dense sulfide minerals. Compounds with chalcophile elements are usually heavier than those with lithophile elements and are thought to fall into a planet's interior but remain above the core when the planet is largely molten during its formation.
A chalcophile element.

[German chalkophil : Greek khalkos, copper + -phile (from the fact that chalcophile elements are concentrated in the same formations as copper).]
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Highly Siderophile and Strongly Chalcophile Elements in High-Temperature Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Samples from near the lower and upper contacts of the bentonite bed show also a significant rise in the content of chalcophile elements such as As and Pb, simultaneously with peak S and Fe concentrations.
This research proposes a novel isotopic approach, specifically the application of the chalcophile zinc and copper stable isotope systems coupled with the radiogenic rhenium-osmium system, to quantify these criteria.
PC4 was made up of a mixture of lithophile (Be and Y) and chalcophile (Cd and Zn), suggesting that the elements were associated with silicates and sulphides, respectively.
Moreover, mercury is a strong chalcophile, like zinc and cadmium, and the three metals are found as their sulfide minerals.
Third, the chalcophile (Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Mo, As, Ag, Bi) and siderophile elements (Ni, Co) form a large group occupying the middle of the diagram.
1992): Chalcophile element and iridium in continental Cretaceous--Tertiary boundary Clays from the western interior of the U.