chalk dust

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Noun1.chalk dust - dust resulting from writing with a piece of chalk; "chalk dust covered the teacher's hands"
dust - fine powdery material such as dry earth or pollen that can be blown about in the air; "the furniture was covered with dust"
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One project I've done in the past was to marbleize white paper using bright colored chalk dust on white paper.
WATCH the chalk dust fly as almost 600 gymnasts descend on Glasgow for 10 days of thrilling competition.
WE LOVE SPORT WORLD GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS (BBC2, 7pm) WATCH the chalk dust fly as more than 500 gymnasts turn up in Glasgow for ten days of thrilling competition.
I had expressed my initial ideas through the poem Earth in My Bones, Breathing minerals and chalk dust, I am rubble, am silt.
7) Chalk dust is an immediate irritant to anyone who breathes it in, particularly people with asthma.
The Health Ministry later announced that the powder sent to the consulates in ystanbul, which prompted the quarantine of more than 30 staff members, was a material similar to chalk dust.
ughed in when realised Hopkins going in Then there's involuntary acid reflux which, as anyone who's ever eaten pink chalk dust will tell you, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Visual Canvas, Chalkboard Riot'' has incredible art, all done with chalk, chalk dust.
It came to his rescue two games later as Djokovic forced two break points, the Serbian yelling at the chalk dust in frustration.
Chalk dust, Sellotape, thread, bath bombs, and nail polish, all in pastel shades, will complete the palette.