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Noun1.chalk line - a chalked string used in the building trades to make a straight line on a vertical surface
string, twine - a lightweight cord
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If a disk stops on a chalk line, it does not count anything.
Homebuilding: The Chalk Line - Quarterly Update: Winter 2012/2013', which is available on Fitch's website at 'www.
Utilizing technology never before seen in roof underlayment, the one-of-a-kind surface area makes Opus easy for roofers to roll out, snap a chalk line and write on, and its tan color keeps roofs cool on even the hottest days.
You could draw a big sociological chalk line between those who cycle and those who don't.
The grid was created using a chalk line from the hardware store.
It is quite like what happens to a hen when its beak is put on the ground and a chalk line drawn away from it on the floor.
I can hear the cries now: First one to tread on the chalk line has to dream up a better way to say strictly no comment WE imagined Saturday's result, didn't we?
I've been spending 45 minutes a day holing three, six, and nine-footers down a chalk line on the practice putting green.
From the coil-glide position [ILLUSTRATION FOR PHOTO 3 OMITTED], the pitcher steps forward onto an imaginary 45 [degrees] line (the white chalk line in [ILLUSTRATION FOR PHOTO 4 OMITTED]) and throws to the first baseman [ILLUSTRATION FOR PHOTO 5 OMITTED] without ever looking away from the runner.
Drive a 6d nail into the slash and hook a chalk line to it.
Machine-stitch between A and B along center chalk line (hold fabric taut to prevent puckering) and 1/8 inch in from outside edges.
Homebuilding: The Chalk Line - Quarterly Update: Fall 2012' includes the following key updates and new features: