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1. A soft compact calcite, CaCO3, with varying amounts of silica, quartz, feldspar, or other mineral impurities, generally gray-white or yellow-white and derived chiefly from fossil seashells.
a. A piece of chalk or chalklike substance in crayon form, used for marking on a blackboard or other surface.
b. Games A small cube of chalk used in rubbing the tip of a billiard or pool cue to increase its friction with the cue ball.
3. A mark made with chalk.
4. Chiefly British A score or tally.
tr.v. chalked, chalk·ing, chalks
1. To mark, draw, or write with chalk: chalked my name on the blackboard.
2. To rub or cover with chalk, as the tip of a billiard cue.
3. To make pale; whiten.
4. To treat (soil, for example) with chalk.
Phrasal Verb:
chalk up
1. To earn or score: chalk up points.
2. To credit or ascribe: Chalk that up to experience.

[Middle English, from Old English cealk, from Latin calx, calc-, lime; see calx.]

chalk′i·ness n.
chalk′y adj.


nKalkigkeit f; (= chalky content)Kalkhaltigkeit f
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It had the right amount of creamy grassiness and chalkiness.
The first bite was an intoxicating mix of sesame, vanilla and chocolate with an initially crumbly texture that smoothed into a slight chalkiness that wasn't unappealing.
Body is rich with roasted malts, and a touch of gypsum that gives it a slight chalkiness," said Tom Conti.
The excitement factor is borne from a racy chalkiness and acidity that is like a pick me up.
There is something unique about the minerality, chalkiness and structure of a grande marque Champagne.