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a. A call to engage in a contest, fight, or competition: a challenge to a duel.
b. An act or statement of defiance; a call to confrontation: a challenge to the government's authority.
2. A demand for explanation or justification; a calling into question: a challenge to a theory.
3. A sentry's call to an unknown party for proper identification.
4. A test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking: a career that offers a challenge.
5. A claim that a vote is invalid or that a voter is unqualified.
6. Law
a. A formal objection to the inclusion of a prospective juror in a jury.
b. A legal case testing the validity of an action taken, particularly by the government.
7. Immunology The induction or evaluation of an immune response in an organism by administration of a specific antigen to which it has been sensitized.
v. chal·lenged, chal·leng·ing, chal·leng·es
a. To call to engage in a contest, fight, or competition: challenged me to a game of chess.
b. To invite with defiance; dare: challenged him to contradict her.
c. To confront or struggle with (something) as a test of one's abilities: rafters challenging the rapids.
2. To take exception to; call into question; dispute: a book that challenges established beliefs.
3. To order to halt and be identified, as by a sentry.
4. Law
a. To take formal objection to (a prospective juror).
b. To bring a legal case testing the validity of an action, particularly by the government.
5. To question the qualifications of (a voter) or the validity of (a vote).
6. To have due claim to; call for: events that challenge our attention.
7. To summon to action, effort, or use; stimulate: a problem that challenges the imagination.
8. Immunology To induce or evaluate an immune response in (an organism) by administering a specific antigen to which it has been sensitized.
1. To make or give voice to a challenge.
2. To begin barking upon picking up the scent. Used of hunting dogs.

[Middle English chalenge, from Old French, from Latin calumnia, trickery, false accusation; see calumny. V., Middle English chalengen, from Old French chalangier, from Latin calumniārī, from calumnia.]

chal′lenge·a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.challengeable - capable of being challenged
contestable - capable of being contested


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Under it, all the civil and Sharia verdicts will be challengeable before the Court of the Cassation - regardless of the courts which issued them.
It's also claimed that sweeping policies like a ban on surveillance tech will alienate valuable allies and make it more difficult for democracies to deal with the undemocratic world, but this claim remains controversial and challengeable.
National Savings has appeared as a challengeable vehicle for financial inclusion with introduction of attractive welfare oriented products.
He argues the coalition in Libya was "successful and effective" -- a challengeable suggestion.
legally challengeable way; and (c) consider whether such a policy would
First, the results of CER might be challengeable when some unavoidable supplementary therapies or behaviors will occur after randomization, such as symptom relief medications, which was not constrained but was designed as a secondary outcome in RCTs aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture against SAR.
So, having established that the referent of meaning is because it is endowed with the ability to refer, it nevertheless remains incomplete and challengeable as a predicate of such a referent.
This is not just a repudiation of American intervention to promote democracy, in line with Trump's criticisms of US policy in the Middle East, and his challengeable claim that he did not endorse the 2003 war against Iraq.
2] pneumoperitoneum is used which causes significant hemodynamic changes intraoperatively and make it challengeable to anesthetist.
It will provide foundations for strong approach to learning and understanding of the challengeable issues in science and social sciences sectors to solve the problems along with socialising the students in science community where the scholarship of discovery is acknowledged and valued.
The measures imposed on banks by Bank of Slovenia decisions on extraordinary measures are likewise in accordance with the constitution, and are not in any way challengeable.
Except cyclic symptoms of transmural deep infiltrating endometriosis, the diagnosis of intestinal endometriosis is greatly challengeable because of non-specific symptoms.