chamber orchestra

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chamber orchestra

(Classical Music) a small orchestra consisting of about 25 players, used for the authentic performance of baroque and early classical music as well as modern music written specifically for a small orchestra

cham′ber or`chestra

a small orchestra commonly of about 25 players.
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Noun1.chamber orchestra - small orchestra; usually plays classical music
orchestra - a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players
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The Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Teymur Geokchaev will perform at the YARAT stage.
40 will be performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe at Dubai Opera.
The music was composed by George Bernard 'GB' Supetran, and will be performed by the Ellinwood Chamber Orchestra, which he founded and developed.
The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra is heading to Dubai.
Concert on the Course will feature the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in a free outdoor performance open to the public.
He has received prizes at several international competitions, and has played with the Munich Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Berlin, the Chamber Orchestra of Prague, the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the Japan Philharmonic, the Korean National Orchestra and many others.
Czech Chamber Orchestra, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Josef Vlach--conductor, artistic director, Karel Patras--harp, Stanislav Duchon--oboe.
CLEVELAND Chamber Orchestra will be performing the music of Beethoven, Shostakovich and Brahms.
Summary: Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra and Soprano Felicitas Fuchs among names to perform at concert
They begin with their classical pub gig Quartet at Urban Tap House on Westgate Street (Thursday) and a special silent film project Films for Chamber Orchestra at Chapter Arts Centre on Friday February 15 at 5pm.
The 38 member Community Chorus will be accompanied by four professional soloists and a nine member chamber orchestra.

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