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 (chə-mēz′) also cha·mi·so (-mē′sō)
n. pl. cha·mi·ses also cha·mi·sos
An evergreen shrub (Adenostoma fasciculatum) in the rose family, native to California and Baja California, having small needlelike leaves in fascicles and clusters of small white flowers.

[Spanish chamisa, from Galician chamiça, dry brush, firewood, from chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see flame.]
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Chamise Kramer, a spokesperson for the Pacific Northwest Region of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, said in a news release Tuesday that those participating in outdoor activities should be mindful of the dry surroundings.
Before the fire, the study area was dominated by 70-year-old chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum) chaparral, with widely scattered dead chaparral whitethorn (Ceanothus leucodermis).
Gray foxes preferred northern mixed chaparral over other habitats, followed by coastal sage scrub, coast live oak, then chamise chaparral; valley oak and grassland were underused (Table 2; Wilk's [lambda] = 0.
The full flush of that has passed, but there is still plenty of color to be seen: Mariposa lilies, Indian paintbrush, chamise, St.
6) The vegetation at Torrey Pines has been called degraded chaparral, but most experts classify it as coastal sage scrub, even though chaparral-type plants, such as chamise, grow here.
Steve Beckmen: Our Purisima Mountain Vineyard has three main soil types: Linne clay loam, which is clay loam with high free limestone in the topsoil and limestone subsoil; chamise clay loam, clay loam with no limestone and a high level of gravel, well-drained; Santa Ynez gravelly fine sandy loam, very well-drained fine soil.
Along Bear Creek, the out-and-back Bear Gulch Loop (a mile one way) is a favorite--a moderate trek with lots of colorful spring blooms, including Indian paintbrush, shooting stars, and sweet-scented chamise.
When the researchers exposed seeds in a test: chamber to nitrogen dioxide for as little as 1 minute, the seeds sprouted at high rates that matched those of seeds exposed to actual smoke from sprigs of the common chaparral shrub called chamise.
They ran into a patch of chamise bush, allowing me to sprint up to a spot that offered a good view as they reappeared on the other side.
Partitioning of solar and net irradiance in mixed and chamise chaparral in southern California.
Stable population size class distribution in mature chamise chaparral.