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 (chə-mēz′) also cha·mi·so (-mē′sō)
n. pl. cha·mi·ses also cha·mi·sos
An evergreen shrub (Adenostoma fasciculatum) in the rose family, native to California and Baja California, having small needlelike leaves in fascicles and clusters of small white flowers.

[Spanish chamisa, from Galician chamiça, dry brush, firewood, from chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see flame.]


an evergreen shrub with yellow-green flowers native to the western United States
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The Arroyo Chamiso traverses the new park area (refer to Exhibit 2).
1) "Andando el tiempo, a las tres castas originales de espanoles, indios y negros se fueron anadiendo las clasificaciones de castizo, mestizo, mulato, zambaigo (hijo de negro e india), mestindio, lobo, coyote, jarocho, cambujo, chino jarocho, chamiso, albarazado, gibaro, barcino, cuatralbo.
Nombres comunes registrados en la zona: andan chino, cahualillo, chamiso.
Vincent Regional Medical Center and a staff pediatrician at Arroyo Chamiso Pediatric Center in Santa Fe, N.
Others stray precariously close to the shoulder of the highway, browsing on the yellow chamiso in the culverts.
imucuapt chamiso blanco Compositae culshpuc estafiate, destafiate Composite jlwa gordolobo Compositae jatamualj guatamote Compositae jilrabu hierba del pasmo Compositae iwil cuac hierba de la vaca Compositae hubsit hierba del venado Compositae (nr) almohada de liebre Compositae (nr) manzanilla Compositae jteshjuano (snc) Polemoniaceae min min cho.
Chairman of an opposition, Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP), Ayele Chamiso said that the code opens a whole new chapter in the political landscape of Ethiopia; adding it guarantees a democratic, peaceful and credible election outcome.
From her tiny studio in the Galeria de Don Cacahuate (which she shares with artisans Christina Martinez and Leopoldo Garcia), Manzanares turns plants such as chamiso and black walnut into earth-toned dyes for yarns, which she then painstakingly plaits into rugs, runners, and blankets that instantly light up a room.