champagne flute

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Noun1.champagne flute - a tall narrow wineglasschampagne flute - a tall narrow wineglass    
wineglass - a glass that has a stem and in which wine is served
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Champagne flute with words of love written in French, $12 from Pier 1.
VICTORIA Beckham has ditched the champagne flute in favour of a cup.
A JILTED girlfriend who slashed her ex-lover with a champagne flute in a jealous rage was yesterday told she could face a jail term.
More than 40 friends clapped along to Rihanna's song So Hard as she raised a champagne flute to diddy dancer Bridget, 29.
For Hayden to criticize Jack falsely as lacking sensitivity on women's issues - and then to raise his champagne flute in Hustler's Penthouse Suite - is award-winning hypocrisy,'' said Weiss campaign co-chairwoman Jody Miller.
Frosted champagne flute, pounds 3, from branches of Boots; swizzle sticks, pounds 1.
The Midnight Cocktail mixer, crafted in champagne with blue accents, features a 16-ounce plastic container in the shape of a champagne flute to mix all your festive beverages in.
Heading it up are Sarah Tetteh and Tom Bryant, who've blagged their way into more VIP areas and exclusive parties than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan could wave a champagne flute at.
Such is the commitment of these three stalwarts to charity that they are pictured, champagne flute in hand, at almost every function.
And hoping to be the lucky lady he takes home for a love sandwich and a champagne flute of Special Brew.
The Radio One DJ just about managed to fit a champagne flute in her mouth at London's Home House club.