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Noun1.chanar - thorny shrub or small tree common in central Argentina having small orange or yellow flowers followed by edible berries
genus Geoffroea, Geoffroea - small genus of shrubs or small trees of tropical and subtropical America
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Meanwhile, CEC also heard the case about alleged violation of code of conduct in Bahwalpur by Provincial Minister Malik Iqbal Chanar.
Chanar XI 149: (Umar 31, Faraz 21; Amjad & Saif 2 wkts each) lost to United 150 for 4: (Azhar 44, Anwar 36; Feroz 2 wkts) by 6 wkts.
He was talking to media persons at Chanar House after offering fateha for the departed souls of youth leader Rosham Khan Said Qaim Shah on Wednesday.
The JKSM organized the medical camps in Bemina, Boat Colony, Nandreshi, Manssor Colony, Chanar Colony.
The firm is currently drilling its first own exploration well, an unconventional project in a sector of the Aguada del Chanar area.
In southern Kandahar, four insurgents planting roadside bombs were killed after police attacked them in Chanar area of Ghorak district on Tuesday night, the governor's spokesman said.
In terms of inland mobility, it is clear that the circulation of goods could have been activated by salt flat hunters who possessed the first herds of pack llamas; however, given the close cultural connection expressed by the rock art, we cannot rule out the possibility that coastal inhabitants travelled to the inland oases, where they could also have obtained wood products, as well as algarrobo and chanar fruit.
PML Q leader unhappy over army action: District leader of PML Q and once candidate for PF 78-Sardar Ali Khan of Chanar, has expressed unhappiness over army action in village Shalbandi and demanded returning the seized arms.
The young man was 3-4 months old when the attacks occurred," Chanar Saad Abdullah, the Kurdistan regional minister for martyrs' affairs, said in a press conference in Arbil city on Sunday.
Sources informed that eight-year old child identified as Virda daughter of Sajjad resident of Mayar, Zulaha daughter of Sultan Mohammad resident of Sawaldher and an aged man identified as Chanar Gul resident of Mian Khan died.