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 (chăn′sə-lər, -slər)
1. Any of various officials of high rank, especially:
a. A secretary to a monarch or noble.
b. Chiefly British The chief secretary of an embassy.
c. The chief minister of state in some European countries.
a. The president of certain American universities.
b. Chiefly British The honorary or titular head of a university.
3. Law The presiding judge of a court of chancery or equity in some states of the United States and in Great Britain.

[Middle English chaunceler, from Old French chancelier, from Late Latin cancellārius, doorkeeper, from Latin cancellī, bars, latticework; see cancel.]

chan′cel·lor·ship′ n.
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Noun1.chancellorship - the office of chancellor
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"


nKanzlerschaft f
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Now, upon how many heads had the presidency, the chancellorship, the mastership passed since Robert d'Estouteville had held the provostship of Paris.
The result paves the way for Merkel's re-election Tuesday to the chancellorship, a post she has held since 2005.
Sharp's desire to set up shop in the region since shortly after assuming the chancellorship in 2011 complemented Trajtenberg's desire to address this problem, and over the course of their meal they narrowed in on Nazareth, a predominantly Arab city, as the location.
I would like to demonstrate my belief in and commitment to the university by extending a helping hand to some students during my Chancellorship.
However, authors Alan Crawford and Tony Czuczka have crafted an impressive attempt to understand the enigma that is Merkel through their biography 'Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis'.
I look forward to beginning my chancellorship in March this year.
It is a particularly opportune time for me, after 12 years, to hand over the chancellorship to a most distinguished person who is a son of Glamorgan and has served Gwent as its bishop.
Brave or pigheaded; sensible or economically illiterate - only time will deliver the ultimate verdict on George Osborne's chancellorship and this entire coalition term of office.
And the interim chancellorship that Rose agreed to take indefinitely, on a month-by-month contract, may be abolished.
What was common across all the SADC countries was the wide gender gap marked by male dominance and under-representation of women in the vice chancellorship, i.
He also thanked the students for allowing him to retain his Chancellorship of the institute.
She plans to take a one year sabbatical once she departs the chancellorship.