change course

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Verb1.change course - shift from one side of the ship to the other; "The sail jibbed wildly"
sail - travel on water propelled by wind; "I love sailing, especially on the open sea"; "the ship sails on"
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It was transiting the Strait of Hormuz when it was forced to change course to avoid a small group of Pasdar fast boats that had positioned themselves in front of the Invincible, presumably to force it to change course.
Fixing these problems is simple, and 2017 is our last chance to change course.
Now Miccio, from Sorrento, has admitted failing to change course or heed warnings from crew members about the proximity of the fishing boat.
Describing Iran's foreign policy as transparent, he added, "It is Saudi Arabia which has to change course.
We want to say to these people that apprenticeships are a fantastic way to change course for the better and get your qualifications and improve your chances to get your dream job.
We had to change course when I came in because what the Dragons were doing was not working.
The plane was returning to Sharjah airport but one of the passengers said the plane would explode thus forcing pilots to change course towards Al-Minhad Airbase, WAM added.
Russia will not change course in Crimea - but insists that diplomacy, not sanctions, will resolve the crisis, says Moscow's new Ambassador to Canada Alexander Darchiev in an exclusive interview with CBC News Network's Power and Politics.
It's quite a statistic, and from my experience I would say this - if you are one of those 70 per cent and feel you want to change course, don't let your ego or your fear of losing status hold you back from what you really want to do with your life.
The Driving for Change course is also an alternative to prosecution for a variety of motoring offences.
Change course now Mr Osborne, for your sake and ours.
THE officer in charge of a ferry that hit a fishing boat, killing a crewman, was twice warned to change course before the collision.