change ringing

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change ring·ing

The ringing of a set of chimes or bells, especially in a belltower, with every possible unrepeated variation.

change′ ring`ing

the art of ringing changes in various sequences on a peal of bells.

change ringing

the art of sounding a ring or set of from 3 to 12 tuned bells according to intricate patterns of sequences.
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Noun1.change ringing - ringing tuned bells in a fixed order that is continually changing
carillon playing, carillon, bell ringing - playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower
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e bells will be hoisted up, one by one, through the ringing room oor to the belfry where they will be rehung by an experienced bell hanger assisted by some of the FACTFILE The proper term for bell-ring |is campanology Bells are cast, then tuned, |then sounded Change ringing began early |in the 17th century and now there are 4,000 peals in the UK every year A collection of bells is known |as a ring of bells St Mary's Church, Mirfield, |has 10 bells The main parts of a bell are |the barrel, the cannon and the clapper There are more than 7,000 | English-style rings
In Egypt, Obama was faulted for being too slow to join calls for change ringing through Tahrir Square, but eventually turned on long-time US ally president Hosni Mubarak and hiked global pressure for him to go.
With Labour discredited after 13 years of failure and the Conservatives' calls for change ringing increasingly hollow, I'm confident that more and more people in Cardiff West will be looking to the Liberal Democrats for the fresh start we need.