channel capacity

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: capacity - the maximum data rate that can be attained over a given channel
data rate - the rate at which circuits or other devices operate when handling digital information
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This program will stabilize source areas of eroded materials with the expectation that water quality and aquatic habitat will be improved and maintenance activities to remove eroded sediments and maintain channel capacity will be reduced.
Particularly, the report questions the contracts for lease of equipment and channel capacity even in cases when it was unnecessary and the company had its own resources.
For the past two decades, however, the FCC has encouraged ITFS licensees to lease excess ITFS channel capacity for commercial purposes to further the policy goals of encouraging full use of the spectrum and promoting competitive commercial communications systems, while at the same time providing support for educational services.
The system's advanced feature set includes 4:1 multiplexing to carry four OC-48/STS-16 signals to be carried on a single 10G wavelength, resulting in a maximum channel capacity of 640 OC-48/STS-16 channels.
Fast product development cycles, increased channel capacity, and highly compact designs are ATEME's key contribution to the industry's fast adoption of MPEG-4.
As a result, significant channel capacity, increased reliability and enhanced quality will be added to the country's existing system.
In contrast, Dell'Oro Group raised its forecast for voice channel capacity largely because of ongoing strength in subscriber growth.
In a separate announcement, Zenith said its unique 16-level digital transmission system, developed as part of the company's research in digital high-definition television (HDTV), offers MMDS operators the same ability to increase channel capacity as it offers traditional coaxial cable and fiber-optic systems.
com does not have any channel capacity constraints -- it can deliver an infinite number of unique "cable-type" television channels to its subscribers -- including general and special interest programming.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Carbon Design Systems, will support Carbon's growing customer base in Japan and expand its sales channel capacity.
Harmonic's DiviCom MV 100, which is the industry's most widely deployed advanced codec-enabled standard definition compression platform, fully delivers on that promise by allowing RTN to seamlessly migrate from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 and, at the same time, greatly increase the channel capacity of its existing network.
Gemo will be responsible for broadening and deepening ISS' channel capacity and strengthening relationships with strategic ISS business partners including Verio, IBM, Accenture and HP.