channel cat

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cat - freshwater food fish common throughout central United Stateschannel cat - freshwater food fish common throughout central United States
siluriform fish, catfish - any of numerous mostly freshwater bottom-living fishes of Eurasia and North America with barbels like whiskers around the mouth
blue cat, blue catfish, blue channel cat, blue channel catfish - a large catfish of the Mississippi valley
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It takes about two to three weeks and two research vessels the R/V Tanner out of Alpena and the R/V Channel Cat out of Harrison Township to complete the work.
In the southern half of the state, you may with impunity call the large, fork-tail whiskered wiggler on your hook a channel cat as there are no blue cats.
Once again it'll be whiskered channel cat with its thin wafer of tail fried with potatoes for dinner, and we will use a simple slice of thawed white bread to mop what remains on the plate's bottom.
If you're really serious about it and have a boat or fiver access, setting limb lines with live bait (if it's legal in your state and area) is one of the best methods for catching channel cat and flathead.
Soon afterward, I caught a three-pound channel cat on liver.
However, a few years ago I shot a turkey in the morning, dressed it out and used the liver for catfish bait in the afternoon--and caught several nice channel cat.
The highlight of the day was a nice catfish, a channel cat of five-plus pounds, that set the hook himself.
We had frogs, turtles, muskrats, minks, Kentucky spotted bass, channel cat fish, big mouth bass, mud cat, minnows, creek chubs that we used for bait," recalls Chapman, an avid hunter and fisherman.
It's the home of our grail, a fish with the whiskers of a walrus and nearly the same girth: the Chowan River channel cat.
Tenders are invited for Astronomical Time Switch With Usb Key, I Channel Cat.
To tell a channel cat from a flathead, look at the lower jaw and tail.
On 28 May 2014, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) announced a $756,350 federal investment that will go to the Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District for the construction of a new Channel Cat Passenger Ferryboat Terminal on the Mississippi River in Moline.