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chan·nel 1

1. The bed of a stream or river.
2. The deeper part of a river or harbor, especially a deep navigable passage.
3. A broad strait, especially one that connects two seas.
4. A trench, furrow, or groove.
5. A tubular passage for liquids; a conduit.
6. A course or pathway through which information is transmitted: new channels of thought; a reliable channel of information.
7. often channels A route of communication or access: took her request through official channels.
8. In communications theory, a gesture, action, sound, written or spoken word, or visual image used in transmitting information.
a. Electronics A specified frequency band for the transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals, as for television signals.
b. A continuous program of audio or video content distributed by a television, radio, or internet broadcaster.
c. A company or other entity presenting such content.
10. Computers A chatroom on an online network.
11. The medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with the physical world.
12. A rolled metal bar with a bracket-shaped section.
tr.v. chan·neled, chan·nel·ing, chan·nels also chan·nelled or chan·nel·ling
1. To make or cut channels in.
2. To form a groove or flute in.
3. To direct or guide along some desired course: channels her curiosity into research; channel young people into good jobs.
4. To serve as a medium for (a spirit guide).
5. To use or follow as a model; imitate: a politician channeling bygone conservatives to appear stronger on defense.

[Middle English chanel, from Old French, from Latin canālis; see canal.]

chan′nel·er n.

chan·nel 2

n. Nautical
A wood or steel ledge projecting from a sailing ship's sides to spread the shrouds and keep them clear of the gunwales.

[Alteration of obsolete chainwale : chain + wale.]


(ˈtʃæn l ər)
1. one that channels.
2. a person who performs channeling. Also, esp. Brit., chan′nel•ler.
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Telos ID, a TSA-approved Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) provider and FBI-certified channeler, is among the world's providers of biometric, identity management and insider threat solutions.
Also to visit the Eugene Library, expert channeler of the teenage voice A.
Eid Passport is one of only a small number of companies approved by the FBI and has received contract renewals since it was first selected as an FBI-approved Channeler in November 2006.
Grant presents the opinion in several of his writings that Lovecraft was not only a writer of fiction, but also a channeler of true magical, occult forces.
LaDue, a channeler of Theosophical Master Hilarion, provided numerous messages from this Master that complemented the more intellectualized musings of Dower, a medical doctor with a degree from a highly respected medical college.
in 1937, as a channeler of the anxieties and existential uncertainties that have been burnished off the public memory of the war years.
It's just a grab-bag channeler of goods and junk, part entertainer, teacher, announcer, annoyer, camera, comedian, shocker, soother, world traveler and occasionally a small wonder offering moments or programs of delight, insight or inspiration.
Who could have imagined the political oddball pairing of the year: the endorsement of Rudy Giuliani by TV evangelist Pat Robertson, the antigay, antiabortion channeler of celestial pronouncements who once blamed 9/11 on the sins of America?
The name of the mysterious channeler has never been revealed.
Ours is now a collective vision, I'm just a channeler or a scribe.