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n. pl. chan·sons (-sôN′, -sôNz′)
A song, especially a French one.

[French, from Old French, from Latin cantiō, cantiōn-, from cantus, past participle of cantāre, to sing; see chant.]


a song


(Fr. ʃɑ̃ˈsɔ̃)

n., pl. -sons (Fr. -ˈsɔ̃)
a song, esp. an intimate ballad.
[1595–1605; < French < Latin cantiōnem, acc. of cantiō song]
References in classic literature ?
The Canadian waters are vocal with these little French chansons, that have been echoed from mouth to mouth and transmitted from father to son, from the earliest days of the colony; and it has a pleasing effect, in a still golden summer evening, to see a batteau gliding across the bosom of a lake and dipping its oars to the cadence of these quaint old ditties, or sweeping along in full chorus on a bright sunny morning, down the transparent current of one of the Canada rivers.
Le public a egalement pu decouvrir une voix en herbe qui a revisite le repertoire musical marocain et arabe, en chantant la fameuse chanson [beaucoup moins que] Mistaniyak[beaucoup plus grand que], ainsi qu'[beaucoup moins que]Achdani[beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que]Awmaloulou[beaucoup plus grand que].
Le chanteur algerien d'expression kabyle Idir a annonce lundi dernier a Alger la sortie prevue pour 2016 d'un nouvel album de douze titres dont des duos avec des grands noms de la chanson francaise.
Its reappearance allows us to add seven pieces to the early chanson repertory, including two by Adrian Willaert, that have been hitherto available only in incomplete state.
Agadir - Le groupe legendaire "Nass Al Ghiwane" devrait presenter, pour la premiere fois, sa premiere chanson en langue amazighe "Tamaguite" (Identite), dans le cadre du festival"Timitar, signes et cultures", prevu du 26 au 29 courant a Agadir.
Impossible d'ecouter cette chanson sans avoir la chair de poule, sans verser une larme.
Plusieurs annees plus tard, je suivis son seminaire sur la chanson folklorique.
This new show is an exploration of the song form of the chanson.
Pourtant, l'admiration de Dylan envers le chanteur de folk Woody Guthrie est bien connue, mais sa dette envers les bluesmen de la premiere heure est aussi immense : il reprend un classique de Blind Lemon Jefferson (<< Sec That My Grave Is Kept Clean >>) sur son premier disque et composera en 1990 une chanson intitulee << Blind Willie McTell >>, en hommage a un autre fondateur du genre.
CHANSON Pre et Fils is one of the oldest and proudest wine houses in Burgundy.
Chanson was also appointed by the Board as a member of its Compensation Committee and as a member of its Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee.
Edited and with commentary by Morgan (modern languages and literatures, Loyola College), this two-volume text reproduces all of these chanson de geste in a single format.