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 (chăn′tĭ-klîr′, shăn′-)
A rooster.

[Middle English chauntecler, from Old French chantecler, the name of the rooster in the tale of Reynard the Fox : chanter, to sing; see chant + cler, clear; see clear.]


(ˌtʃæntɪˈklɪə) or


(Animals) a name for a cock, used esp in fables
[C13: from Old French Chantecler, from chanter cler to sing clearly]


(ˈtʃæn tɪˌklɪər)

a rooster: used as a proper name in medieval fables.
[1250–1300; Middle English Chauntecler < Old French Chantecler, n. use of v. phrase chante cler sing clear. See chant, clear]


n (old)Hahn m
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It now contained only Chanticleer, his two wives, and a solitary chicken.
The chicken crept through the pales of the coop and ran, with some show of liveliness, to her feet; while Chanticleer and the ladies of his household regarded her with queer, sidelong glances, and then croaked one to another, as if communicating their sage opinions of her character.
In the porkers he saw carved out the future sleek side of bacon, and juicy relishing ham; not a turkey but he beheld daintily trussed up, with its gizzard under its wing, and, peradventure, a necklace of savory sausages; and even bright chanticleer himself lay sprawling on his back, in a side dish, with uplifted claws, as if craving that quarter which his chivalrous spirit disdained to ask while living.
So they walked off together towards the spot where Chanticleer had seen the light, and as they drew near it became larger and brighter, till they at last came close to a house in which a gang of robbers lived.
And, like Chanticleer at the sight of the sun, he flaps his wings and crows.
As I have said, I do not propose to write an ode to dejection, but to brag as lustily as chanticleer in the morning, standing on his roost, if only to wake my neighbors up.
followed by a crow, as from some infernally-hatched Chanticleer, apprising him under whose victorious fire he stands, he turns the corner into safety, and takes Durdles home: Durdles stumbling among the litter of his stony yard as if he were going to turn head foremost into one of the unfinished tombs.
In the update, analyst Rob Goldman notes that following a solid 3Q15, Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.
Chanticleer Book Reviews said, "Sary succeeds in portraying teen angst without melodrama, in depicting compassion without sentimentality, and in creating a world of characters on the margins of society whose depth and complexity outshine any Hollywood hero.
Synopsis: Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America.
If the writer is to be, as Henry David Thoreau puts it, Chanticleer who wakes the sleeping society up, or if the poet is as Shelley says, the unacknowledged legislator of mankind, then society has to be able to read what the writer has written.
In addition to The Manhattan Transfer, Puerling received commissions from other professional vocal groups, including The Real Group and Chanticleer, as well as such solo artists as Linda Ronstadt and Gloria Estefan.