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1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble: The desk was a chaos of papers and unopened letters.
3. often Chaos The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.
4. Chaos theory.
5. Mathematics A dynamical system that has a sensitive dependence on its initial conditions.
6. Obsolete An abyss; a chasm.

[Middle English, formless primordial space, from Latin, from Greek khaos.]

cha·ot′ic (-ŏt′ĭk) adj.
cha·ot′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.chaotically - in a wild and confused manner; "the drugged man was talking chaotically"
2.chaotically - in a manner suggestive of chaos; "the room was chaotically disorganized"
بِفَوْضى كامِلَه
karmakarışık olarak


advchaotisch; the papers had been scattered chaotically about the roomdie Papiere lagen kreuz und quer im ganzen Raum verteilt; such people can be chaotically untidybei solchen Leuten kann das reinste Chaos herrschen


[keɪˈɒtɪklɪ] advcaoticamente


(ˈkeios) noun
complete disorder or confusion. The place was in utter chaos after the burglary.
chaˈotic (-tik) adjective
chaˈotically adverb
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Chaotically, he compared her to the happy young girl--round of cheek and laughing of eye--he had married back in Ohio, fifteen years before.
Instead, it sprang up to a gale which now and then, from a tattered sky, flung pale sweeps of sunlight over a landscape chaotically tossed.
For Dorfman, the performer, is fleet, forceful, unafraid, and Dorfman, the choreographer, displays a lithe, quirky wit and a delicate whimsy spun out through movement that is often chaotically original.
It has subsequently become clear that for years it has been operating chaotically - as far as re-homers are concerned.
These situations, one more pitiful and absurd than the other, trigger all kinds of memories; they swirl chaotically on his head and, before long, settle on a few key people in his life: Denise, his wife, who many years ago, after nineteen years of fruitless marriage, left him; Gejzlinger, his former classmate and nemesis; and Miholka, his longtime drinking buddy.
In doing so, the 38-year-old star joined a lengthy list of mac devotees, which includes A-listers like Kate Moss, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Bill Nighy, and Erin O'Connor, as well as rambling (in a country walking sense) weatherman Derek Brockway, chaotically dressed Cherie Blair, the cast of Last of the Summer Wine (Peter Sallis is pictured left ) and aficionados of the adult theatre scene, the so-called Dirty Mac Brigade.
During AF the heart's two upper chambers (the atria) beat chaotically and irregularly.
On arriving for work the wise photographer found his premises ransacked with drawers and papers lying chaotically across the floor.
The brave frontline officers who did their best to control the violence, despite being undermanned and, as it seemed, chaotically led, have rightly become heroes.
The Latics levelled with a chaotically conceded Jordi Gomez free-kick seven six minutes from time, but before that Boro looked good value for the lead in an end-to-end match.
To get good performance out of buildings, you can't keep making them chaotically piece by piece on site, cutting things in the rain.
Wigan levelled with a chaotically conceded Jordi Gomez free-kick seven minutes from time but before that Boro looked good value for the lead.