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An area covered by a dense growth of mostly small-leaved evergreen shrubs, especially in central and southern California.

[Spanish, from chaparro, evergreen oak, from Basque txapar, diminutive of saphar, thicket.]


(ˌtʃæpəˈræl; ˌʃæp-)
(Physical Geography) (in the southwestern US) a dense growth of shrubs and trees, esp evergreen oaks
[C19: from Spanish, from chaparra evergreen oak]


(ˌʃæp əˈræl, ˌtʃæp-)

a dense growth of shrubs or small trees.
[1835–45, Amer.; < Sp, derivative of chaparr(o) evergreen oak]
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Noun1.chaparral - dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes
botany, flora, vegetation - all the plant life in a particular region or period; "Pleistocene vegetation"; "the flora of southern California"; "the botany of China"
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She had not proceeded a hundred yards before she noticed the moving figure of a man beyond her in the hillside chaparral above the trail.
As we emerged from the chaparral Morgan was but a few yards in advance.
Morgan, who had stopped and was intently watching the agitated chaparral, said nothing, but had cocked both barrels of his gun and was holding it in readiness to aim.
Dawn caught us on the northern brow, and in the gray light we dropped down through chaparral into redwood canyons deep and warm with the breath of passing summer.
Only the canyons were wooded, while the higher and more distant hills were furry with chaparral.
As far as the eye can reach stretches the great flat plain-land, all dusted over with patches of alkali, and intersected by clumps of the dwarfish chaparral bushes.
The new Chaparral RAID controllers maintain high throughput and are well suited for high bandwidth data-centric applications such as electronic commerce, digital video, CAD and seismic research.
In nature, the bleeding heart Dicentra chrysantha springs up freely after fire scorches dry, scrubby chaparral landscape.
Saturday's event brought about 500 volunteers to Chaparral, Tamarisk, Manzanita and Yucca elementary schools as well as Mesa Intermediate School.
Dual SAN connectivity and 2Gb/s support, together with extensive interoperability testing make this product an excellent choice for managing backup in a SAN environment," said Michael Hardy, vice president of marketing for Chaparral, "Dual SAN connectivity and 2Gb/sec support with extensive interoperability testing make this product an excellent managing backup in a SAN environment.
A wildfire blazes through a chaparral, incinerating the dense brush and charring the scrub oak.
You should be thinking chaparral Palm trees and orange groves and wine grapes are interlopers, transplanted here like so many Californians, from other parts of the globe.