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also cha·pat·ti (chə-pä′tē)
n. pl. cha·pa·tis
A flat, unleavened, disk-shaped bread of northern India, made of wheat flour, water, and salt. Also called roti.

[Hindi capātī, from capānā, to press down, flatten, causative of capnā, to be pressed or flattened; akin to Prakrit cappaï, he presses; perhaps akin to Sanskrit carpaṭaḥ, flat of the hand, thin biscuit of flour (ultimately of non-Indo-Aryan origin) or to Tamil cappaṭṭai, anything flat, flatness.]
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Noun1.chapatti - flat pancake-like bread cooked on a griddle
flatbread - any of various breads made from usually unleavened dough
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
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Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of 02 X Semi Automatic Chapatti Machine 02 X Dough Ball Making Machine 02 X Atta Kneeding Ma
Seeing the prices, and having been tempted, we each ordered a masala dosa and chose to share a keema and cream cheese chapatti (PS3) and a chicken chapatti (PS2.
I always tell waiters or waitresses not to cook the chapatti too much but they still fail to do it and I don't know why," she noted.
Lesley read the story of the Runaway Chapatti and Jonah chapter 1.
1 pan-size naan bread or chapatti (we use fresh - but a roti or chapatti from the supermarket is fine too) Loads of fresh coriander Tomato and chilli sauce Natural yoghurt METHOD SET your pan to high heat, add cumin seeds and dry roast until they release their aroma - don't burn
indian nuptials are always lavish affairs, but these ones take the chapatti.
No more than 30 metres from the Gate is Brisbane's most famous Indian Restaurant chain, Miss India, with a multitude of delicious vegetarian options complimented with handmade chapatti and naan breads straight from the tandoor
New Delhi, July 23 ( ANI ): The Lok Sabha on Wednesday witnessed an uproar over Shiv Sena MPs allegedly abusing and forcing a Muslim catering supervisor at the Maharashtra Sadan to break his Ramzan fast and eat a chapatti.
PESHAWAR -- Nan Baais of Peshawar have observed shutter down strike in the city for claiming it their right while citizens are forced to purchase Chapatti in Rs 15 from open ovens (Tandoors).
From chapatti and other Indian breads to Squid Curry, Potato or Spinach Curry, Chinese Rolls and more, this provides a wealth of Sri Lankan traditional dishes and is a top pick for collections strong in ethnic or Asian cuisine.
Badal Mondal Chan Mohan, 49, reportedly suffered scarring to his back when he was repeatedly hit with a kettle for not making chapatti.